Taste the Revolution!

Lafayette’s street food revolution on wheels!  Celebrating all things waffle!! We take the best and freshest savory & sweet ingredients we can find and then fold them into our original Brussels style crisp and delicious waffles making a portable taste sensation that will make you say “VIVA LA WAFFLE!”  Also serving garlic butter waffle fries, sweet potato waffle fries dusted with cinnamon and sugar, and whatever else comes to our waffle obsessed minds that day!!! Find us on Twitter and Facebook to see where we are going to be and to keep up with daily specials and special events! VIVA LA WAFFLE!

Join the Green Revolution!
You can feel good when you Taste the Revolution because you are supporting a greener planet!  All of our products come in eco-friendly packaging.  From our compostable sandwich and fry bags, to our plant fiber disposable utensils;  from our napkins made of 100% recycled material, to our recyclable sauce containers, all help support a greener more eco-friendly lifestyle!